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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ridley Scott filming in Monte Pego, Alicante, Valencia

The mystery surrounding the Ridley Scott film that starts filming in Alicante has been clarified.

The director of Blade Runner has chosen a villa in Pego shoot some of the scenes of this thriller .

They are filming "The Counselor" due for release November 2013

A lawyer finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.

'The Counselor' stars Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz and is directed by Ridley Scott

Go hours of drinking glasses", stated yesterday morning a neighbor of the Monte Pego, who lives opposite the luxury villa where British filmmaker Ridley Scott shot some scenes of his film director. He had not yet set the clock at ten in the morning when dozens of extras gave life to a pool party filled with muscular bodies, sculpted female figures and the odd-looking businessman gangster. It's a pool party at the home of a drug dealer in which he appears on stage for the first time in Alicante, the Spanish actor Javier Bardem. 

The film, which started filming yesterday in the province's father Alien and Gladiator, tackles the story of a failed lawyer who goes into the world of drug trafficking. Responsible for giving life to this character is the actor Michael Fassbender, who was one of the first to be seen by this luxury development located between El Verger and Pego. The protagonist started rolling early fresher than a rose, despite the Monday night plopped down in the center of Alicante, took some vodka tonic at the hotel and passed through the casino to play blackjack with teammates. No doubt Fassbender is an SUV, no airs divo and open to exchanging jokes between takes with other team members. 

Can not say the same for his co-star, Cameron Diaz, whose escort, as stated some extras abroncó a person who was on set for take a picture. The U.S. was not facing the camera until after three o'clock. Always accompanied by a huge green umbrella to avoid paparazzi snapshots of some who went to Monte Pego. The star of There's Something About Mary, that never stopped drinking green tea, looked in punishing female and mysterious black dress shirt with a sleeve tattoo discovered to wear a leopard and a blond hair with black streaks. 
One scene was stellar when he left with Javier Bardem on stage, fully characterized with spiky black hair, vintage sunglasses, light blue shirt and pants, a cross between bad Japanese national sport gear. The Spaniard, who plays a drug dealer, dropped into a chair and waited there for his girl-leopard. 

Each scene and each shot were maintained by Scott and cinematographer Dariusz Wolski to the millimeter. The preparation of each sequence was eternal retakes and strong winds complicated the shooting, which involved over 60 extras, arrived from Alicante and Benidorm on buses. The first had to get up early because they were collected at 5.45 am, and sent home 12 hours later. Ridley Scott congratulated them for their involvement in the shooting, which ended in applause. 
The house where several scenes were filmed yesterday Swiss-owner that he won the lottery, which was in the house during shooting, was rented for more than $ 10,000 the day as residents of the village said. It is located at the top of the hill on which is built the residential, boat-shaped and a huge yard with a pool full of which enjoyed some nice extras. 

To get an idea of ​​the level of this blockbuster is not necessary to see movie stars. Only with the deployment of trucks, caravans, luxury cars and mobile restaurants could imagine someone there filming the likes of Ridley Scott, which provides rolling ten days in the province. 

No news from Brad Pitt, who already seems clear that not participating in the scenes filmed in Alicante, sources said that filming Penelope Cruz is expected soon in Alicante. The Madrid-born actress, who yesterday was at the Festival of San Sebastian told reporters that although shared credits with Javier Bardem in The counselor has no plane with her husband. 
"We do not have any scenes together, so I can not say how it was back to roll with it. All my scenes are with Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz, "he said yesterday at the press conference to be reborn, Sergio Castellito, competing for the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival. 

Cormac McCarthy follows closely the scenes 
The writer of the counselor, the American writer Cormac McCarthy won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Road, also has moved to shooting in Alicante to monitor scenes. The writer of 81 years these days has chatted with the chef of the restaurant El Monastrell, María José San Román, who advised him, among his books, read Blood Meridian, which is more than satisfied. Also participating in the filming of the most prestigious other cinematographers, Dariusz Wolski, who has worked on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Crow or Prometheus, which some confuse with Brad Pitt twice. 

Bars without terraces in the Town Hall 
The producer of the Minister asked the bars and restaurants of the town hall square terraces withdraw next Friday between the hours of shooting the film. In return, the hoteliers are subsidized with 600 euros for not being able to use the tables in the street during the afternoon, as reported yesterday by some local officials, who acknowledged that "as it stands, compensates." The owners have had to sign a contract "with lots of clauses in which you agree not to take pictures or ask for image rights if your local then comes in the film, 'said one of them. Scott filmed in the municipality and nearby.


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